Mick Mercer - Gothic Interviews Volume 3

Final volume of my Goth-related interviews I did when a music journalist, pre-Internet. Large interviews: Alien Sex Fiend, All About Eve, Andi Sex Gang, Ausgang, Bauhaus, Blood & Roses, Creaming Jesus, Dancing Did, Dawn After Dark, Death Cult, Jazz Butcher, Junior Manson Slags, Martian Dance, New Model Army, Panic Button, Peter Murphy, Pocket Rockets, Rosetta Stone, Sex Gang Children, Spear Of Destiny, Specimen, Theatre Of Hate, Toyah, UK Decay, Zero Le Crèche. Smaller: The Bolshoi, Bomb Party, Cassandra Complex, The Danse Society, Four Came Home, Julianne Regan, Kommunity FK, Militia, Siiiii, Teahouse Camp, The Witches Of Nemesis, Venus Fly Trap, XC-NN. Articles: Adam Ant (Punk Lives 'Xmas Carol'), 'Grebo' movement, Modern Magic, mid-90's Overview Of UK Goth, Positive Punk documentary, more Stab The Sun (the Ausgang fanzine). 224 pages, 78,000 words and 165 photos, the majority of them previously unpublished.

- Mick Mercer

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