Mick Mercer - Gothic Interviews Volume 2

Second book (of 3) of Goth-related interviews I did as a journalist pre-Internet. Large interviews with: Aemotii Crii, Alien Sex Fiend, Bod, Christian Death (Valor), The Cravats, Creaming Jesus, The Dancing Did, The Danse Society, Gitane Demone, Gloria Mundi, Julianne Regan, Junior Manson Slags, March Violets, Midnight Configuration, Music For Pleasure, Ritual, Sex Gang Children, Spear Of Destiny, Tones On Tail, The Very Things, Xmal Deutschland. Smaller interviews with: All About Eve, Ausgang, BFG, Diamanda Galas, Dust Devils, Fear Of Darkness, Fields Of The Nephilim, God And The Crazy Lesbians, God's Girlfriend, Ides Of March, Josi Without Colours. Articles on: The Dancing Did, Tim Did's own story, further Stab The Sun contributions, a UK Decay tour diary written by Abbo, a mid 90's State Of Goth article originally printed in Zillo in 4 parts, featuring contributions from about a dozen people in bands. 228 pages, 87,000 words and 150 photos, the majority previously unpublished.

- Mick Mercer

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