Mick Mercer - Gothic Interviews Volume 1

A book of Goth-related interviews I did as a journalist, pre-Internet. Large interviews: Abbo of UK Decay, Alien Sex Fiend, All About Eve, Ausgang, Bauhaus, Bod, Christian Death (Valor), Creaming Jesus, Dali's Car, The Danse Society, The Dancing Did, Finish The Story, Junior Manson Slags, KaS Product, Look Back In Anger, March Violets, Mothburner, New Model Army, Pink & Black, Say You (post-Skeletals), Sex Gang Children, Sunshot, The Cult, Toyah, Ultravox! (John Foxx), Under 2 Flags, The Virgin Prunes. Smaller: Anno Lucis, Chat Show, Discord Datkord, The Fifteenth (post-Look Back In Anger), Hysteria, Julianne Regan, Real Macabre, Rubicon, The Society (post-The Danse Society), Theatre of Hate, Venus Fly Trap, Venus In Furs, Zooey. Articles on: Adam And The Ants, The Dancing Did/Shend at Snowshill Manor, Kabuki (pre-Ausgang), 'Give Me Passion', contributions for 'Masterbag' and Ausgang's fanzine 'Stab The Sun.' 232 pages, 88,000 words and 167 photos, the majority previously unpublished.

- Mick Mercer

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