Lorin Morgan-Richards - A Little Hard to Swallow: 1334

A pocket sized illustrated poetry book based on the life of Rozz Williams, a pioneer of Deathrock. 24 pages. Made in very limited number (only 50 being made) on linen paper and hardcased. Completely handmade by the author. A true collectable. Made for the exhibit 'Necessary Discomforts: an Artistic Tribute to Rozz Williams' featuring Rozz Williams artwork and artifacts as well as over 15 artists inspired by his work. This show ran November 12 thru the 14th, 2010 at the Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, CA, and was curated by A Raven Above Press. Rozz Williams was born Roger Alan Painter in Glendora, California on November 6, 1963. He took his name from a gravestone in a Pomona cemetery. His first breakthrough came in 1979 with the band Christian Death, a play on the brand Christian Dior. In 1981, he collaborated with performance artist Ron Athey to produce the beginnings of industrial noise in a project called Premature Ejaculation. Always an innovator, Rozz Williams changed the depth of music and art while inspiring subsequent generations of artists. 'A Little Hard to Swallow: 1334' encompasses Rozz Williams life in a richly dark poetic way.

- Lorin Morgan-Richards

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