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Madame B - Psalm 37.29

01. Bibles Are Burning Under The Strange Blue Light
02. Immortal Restless Soul
03. Sonic Division Born With Silence
04. Lamentations 1.16
05. Psalm 37.29
06. Empty The Bones Of You
07. Devil's Work
08. My Friend Of Murder
09. Horses Nation
10. Prancing They Come
11. Deaf Death Is Going Blind Again
12. The River Of Blood
13. Sister Dolorosa (Feat. Viktoria Matthews)
14. Drink The Warm Blood From This Cold Heart Of Mine (Feat. Zebulon Whatley from Sons Of Perdition)
15. Skin & Bones
16. Don't Separate My Body From My Soul
17. The Other Side
18. The Evidence Of Things Not Seen (feat. Enodia)
19. Lullaby Of Faith's Rebirth
20. Ze End

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